What is rebless™? Who is it for?

What is rebless™? Who is it for?

rebless is a robotic, exercise therapy device for both upper and lower extremities, providing motion to the elbow, wrist, ankle, and knee joints. rebless is a perfect solution for patients who suffer from neurological and/or musculoskeletal conditions. Please, consult with your clinician before you start using the device.
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    • How to update rebless™ firmware

      This article explains how you can perform a firmware update on rebless™. Please make sure your device is connected with a mobile device before starting the next steps. Connecting rebless™ with Mobile Device Install the "rebless" app from Apple App ...
    • Suggested Use of rebless™ for Post Operative

      These are only suggestions; a proper evaluation of the patient is required prior to use and modifications should be made based on the therapist’s findings Acute Phase (Immediately following hospital discharge, Outpatient or Home Health) PROM 2x15 ...
    • What is rebless™ Clinic?

      rebless™ clinic is a a web-based telehealth platform, used by providers to prescribe treatment regimens using rebless™ home, access patient data, and perform telemedicine visits.
    • How will rebless™ Clinic benefit me?

      Through rebless™ clinic, you can stay connected with your patient remotely. Clinicians can manage their personal schedule availability, customize treatment sessions, monitor patient progress, and perform online telemedicine visits.
    • Can you connect rebless™ clinic to other EMR systems?

      Yes, we can work with you to integrate rebless Clinic to your existing EMR system. Please contact our support team at support@hroboticsus.com